Specialty Tequilas

Blue Agave Tequila


Grown in rich, red volcanic soil, millions of blue agave plants are manually harvested each year by Jimadores (farmers who have been passing down their knowledge and expertise of the blue agave plant from generation to generation) The heart of the Agave is cooked to remove the sap, fermented, and then distilled. Understandably, the result is said to be made with love.

Thanks to the Spanish Conquistadors running out of Brandy, and the Jimadores' skillful green thumbs, we now have many Tequila options available everyday on the shelves of Lamplight Package Store.

Some of our crowd favorites include: Don Julio, Patron, Jose Cuervo, and Sauza. Tequila can be served neat, in a margarita, and new recipes are being featured daily.

If you'd like to know more about ways to use Tequila, check out our FB page, where we regularly post our favorite concoctions. As always, please drink with caution; they write songs about this stuff.

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