Specialty Bourbon

If there is one thing us Southerners know about it, it's Specialty Bourbon Whiskey. This barrel-aged distilled spirit, made primarily from corn, has been carefully crafted for centuries, and even Prohibition couldn't stand in its way. We've got Bourbon, we've got Scotch & YES, we've got Rye. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then stop by!
Lamplight Package Store's best- selling specialty Bourbon is Angel's Envy

From our Customers

"5star Cannot thank Tiffany enough for hooking us up on the Angel's Envy Rye!"

Polly Meeks -May 30, 2016 

"Angel’s Envy is an incredibly easy drinking whiskey, with a slight astringency that made me feel tough as I drank it. Without a doubt, I understand the meteoric rise of this bourbon. Although the bottle design feels eerily similar to something Ed Hardy might design in a drunken haze, it does stand out on a crowded shelf. Angel’s Envy is a legacy whiskey that proves more than the sum of its parts; entirely satisfying and approachable, it lives up to the hype."

Savannah Weinstock - November 17th, 2015

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